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Let us handle all your administrative tasks like calendar, e-mail, social media and website management,  bookkeeping, graphic designing, presentations, and others!

Lei Tankus

Our company founder, Lei Tankus, was born and raised in the Philippines.  Lei is currently residing in Texas, USA with her exceptionally loving and suppoprtive husband. Inspired by her dentist mom, she earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2017. Lei is a skilled, autodidactic artist who finds great delight in painting, sketching, and any form of designing. She is a talented, detail-oriented and tech-savvy woman who really knows how to make her computer work for and with her.  At present, she is soulfully focus on graphic designing and website development. It is her husband who made her clearly see the God-given talent that she has. With his help, Lei’s company is now providing various services that help different small and big companies expand their businesses.